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The idiot manager of Adelaide office then rang the lady and told her that me and the other guy are not welcome and call cops if we wont leave she was on mobile with him but he was to chicken like a kid to call me direct to try solve the problem what a joke and this company is a disgrace and me and the guy talked what shall we do now..we stay and make our seats and just go up to girls to chat or shall we go before cops are called of course we both were (very angry) at this stage and had made quite a scene talking loud back and forward we told everyone there and shouted we have both paid have email and receipt with ref number but these idiots say no name on list and we must go so all were aware of that fact...both rang and rang and rang that idiot over the next 3 days he would not answer or reply..on day 4 he gives me a very nasty email and said i know where you live i have your 1st name your surname you email your mobile number your credit card details and home address so best stop now or i will pay you a little visit to your home..and me never did get a refund no saying sorry was out fault all they did was make nasty threats to me and him i was in touch with the other guy all the way to this day we are friends him and me and we often talk about this horrible speed dating company and how rude and arrogant they are..also was given threats he told me i did ring ACA and TT to try run the story on the night show at 7pm across australia to warn others about this but both shows did not take the story up for sad to say...

I was amazed to get email from these scammers just this week saying to join up again and come along...i thought are you serious after 10yr ago i get email now saying this..course i am blocked email mobile number my name is all blocked by them so i cant log on or go even if i wanted to and the funny thing is i am him did (nothing wrong) we both just did what we were told to do pay and get email book in and come along but we get nothing but stress and lost the money no refund so how rude and arrogant, its a joke and you have been warned, cause i see in 10yr from 08 till 18 its still going on nothing has changed i see from reading the bad reviews i see nothing has changed still run by rude arrogant pigs i see (stay away from this company its bad news) i give it 0.0000001 %.

They stole my money and stopped replying my messages when I'm asking for my money back.

1 venue stated they were a real company but very hard to get a hold of.

Extremely unprofessional have no customer care or proper customer service. The staff are rude, unhelpful and didn’t even give me a Manager’s name or phone number to make a complaint. I wish I had of read these comments before I wasted my time turning up! Company offers are terrible customer service experience. I had booked and paid for a Perth event for a friend and I but about 2 weeks prior a work commitment arose so I promptly emailed to advise I couldn't attend and asked if what remedy was available to me (NB terms and conditions are not on the Perth Speed Date website which would have been very useful).

I also spoke with a guy who attended the event and he told me he never got sent his matches. Instead an unknown person sent me an aggrresive reply back. The reply received was a very short "choose another event".

She booked two tickets for us and registered my details for the event.

The next day I received a nasty email stating that I was banned because I lied about my age and that if I tried to attend the event that they would call the police, what a joke, our very over worked police have better things to to.

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My friend no longer wanted to go without me so she sent them an email but also got no response, after sending several emails they finally agreed to give her a refund.